Day At The Duck Pond

  Free Book Download of "A Day At The Duck Pond ~ A Counting Book For Children"
       Free Craft Sheets to Match The Number of Natural Things that are Counted Along The Way.

We Wiil Be Adding A Chapter A Week

Book Chapters with Craft Alongs ;)
Download Chapter & Read to Class, Then Do the Craft Along & Activity Page

1-Sun Smiling Down On Me
Sun Book Page Read Aloud .pdf
  ~  Smily_Sun_Windsock_Craft.pdf  ~  Sun_Activity Page.pdf

2-Frogs On A Log
Frogs On A Log Read AloudFrog On A Log Craft  ~  Frog Activity Page

3-A Ducky Family
Ducks Family Read Aload.pdf
   ~  Ducky Costume  ~  Duck Activity Page.pdf

4-Kites Flying High
Kites Flying Read Aloud.pdf   ~  Kite Craft  ~   Kites_Activity.pdf

Dragonflies Read Aloud.pdf
~ Dragonfly Craft ~ Dragonflies_Activity.pdf

Ducklings_Read Aoud.pdf
~ Duck Craft  ~ Ducklings_Activity.pdf

Kittens Read Aloud.pdf
   ~   Kitten Craft  ~ Kittens_Activity.pdf

Turtles Read Aloud.pdf
  ~  Turtle Craft  ~ Turtles_Activity.pdf

  ~ Butterfly Craft  ~ Butterflies_Activity.pdf

  ~  Cloud Craft  ~  Clouds_Activity.pdf

  ~  Bushes Craft  ~  Bushes_Activity.pdf

  Trout Read Aloud  ~ Trout Craft  ~ Trout Activity

  Cattails Read Aloud  ~ Cattails Craft  ~  Cattails Activity

 Flowers Read Aloud ~ Flower Craft ~  Flower Activity Page

15-Lily Pads
 Lily Pads Read Aloud  ~ Lily Pads Craft  ~   Lily Pads Activity Page

 Bees Read Aloud  ~ Bee Craft   ~   Bees Activity Page

 Grasshoppers Read Aloud  ~  Grasshopper Craft ~ Grasshoppers Activity Page

 Snails Read Aloud  ~  Snail Craft  ~ Snail Activity Page

Worms Read Aloud  ~  Worms Craft  ~ Worms Activity Page

Birds Read Aloud  ~  Bird Craft  ~ Birds Activity Page


Link to Number Work Sheets

Sample Use For Co-op:

You can cover a few numbers per week
Week 1-1,2,3,4
Week 2-5,6,7
Week 3-8,9,10
Week 4-11,12
Week 5-13,14
Week 6-15,16
Week 7-17,18
Week 8-19,20
1)First Read the book for the numbers you will be covering that week.
For example; week 1 read beginning and read what they found for numbers 1,2,3,4.
2)Then do craft because that will take the longest. Choose one craft that you like for that particular number. 
3)Then do work sheet and play a game.
-Duck, Duck Goose with counting
-Hop Scotch -I have a printable version for you
-If You Can Count And You Know It Clap Your Hands -Song
Work sheets for each number
There are lots of number activities that you can do with the children.
Ex:They have to count the number of beans and place in cup.

Exercise: Do 10 jumping jack, then hop on one foot 11 times.

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