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I was at the library with my youngest two of five children who are now 12 & 13 years old, and my 12 year old Christina said to me, "Mommy, why were you in the children's book area?" I asked her, "What does Mommy love?" She relied,"Little kids books".
I just love children's books. Even though all of my children are older I am still drawn to the beautiful and often whimsical illustration, and sweet and innocent story line. I LOVE mentally living there. So, I have decided to indulge my passion for children's books and create
a whole section on children's books and fun activities that go along with them. So send us your favorite read aloud and we will try and
come up with projects to go along with them too.

A Day At The Duck Pond- Enjoy the magical journey as mom & child have a special time as the count from 1-20 on a walk to the duck pond.

Beatrix Potter -Celebrated author & illustrator of magical children's books filled with animals & nature. Writing at it's best, time proven and
children approving stories. A much read addition to every classroom and home.

Audrey Wood -A talented contemporary author and illustrator, who also creates children's  books with her husband Don and son, Bruce. They create beautifully illustrated tales that are fun and whimsical firing the children's imagination with joy!

Dr.Seuss-The whimsical and ubber talented Dr.Seuss books and unparalleled in their appeal to children. Their engaging stories and fun illustrations are still the most popular books on the market today. Be silly and imaginative and learn! Does it get any better ;-)

Jan Brett -Beautifully illustrated and magically told stories that will captivate eve the wiggliest of children's imagination. Children's books at there finest. 38 books and activity sheets. I would also encourage you to incorporate some of her drawing videos during art as she teaches you to draw from shapes. Even you you do not watch the whole video the children capture that from drawing simple shapes they can build on that and create animals. The building blocks for our future artist!



Aardvark Activities
Read Aloud Book -"Awkward Aardvark"  written by Mwalimu Kennaway and beautifully illustrated by Adrienne  Kennaway. Night after night, Aardvark's snoring keeps the other animals awake. Something has got to be done! Mongoose calls everyone together to help, but it's not until the termites get involved that the problem is solved.
Activities -The aardvark lives in Africa (which also starts with the letter "A"), see if the children can find Africa on the map.
Aardvark Coloring and Fact Page -The children will have fun learning about this very unusual animal and it's strange diet!

Aardvark Video -See the aardvarks in action with this short informative video of the aardvarks at the Bronx Zoo.

Awkward Aardvark
ISBN-10: 0340525819
ISBN-13: 978-0340525814

Alligator Activites
Read Aloud Book -"But I Am an Alligator" (Charlie and Lola) by Lola has a favorite alligator costume that she wants to wear absolutely everywhere. Charlie tells her she can?t wear it ALL the time, but Lola argues that she can. Much to Charlie?s embarrassment, Lola wears her alligator costume to the supermarket and the park. She even plans to wear it for her school talk called ?All about Me!? Can Charlie stop Lola from making a fool of herself in front of the whole school?

Alligator Crafts: Alligator Coloring Page   Snapping Alligator Clothespin    Alligator Puppet

Alligator Video from National Geographic, the video tells of the protective nature of the alligator mommy, it's habitate and predators.

But I Am an Alligator
ISBN-10: 0448446979
ISBN-13: 978-0448446974

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