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Peter Rabbit Offical Website- Fiiled with Coloring Pages, Activites and even online games and read aloud books. 

Cooking up Mischief with Peter Rabbit~ is a brand new pre-school education programme that supports
Early Years practitioners and engages children with the wonders of the world around them through
cooking, growing and playing withthe adorable Peter Rabbit and his friends.
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Module 1 -Grow a garden and and make a salad with yoru produce.
Module 2 - Nature Studies
Module 3- Looking After Yourself
Module 4- Friendship
Module 5- Real Animals
Module 6- Party Time

Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages

Peter Rabbit Printable Cut-outs

Rabbit Pre-Writing Activity Cards

Rabbit Counting Game

Nature Studies Activity
Beatrix Potter was inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounded her in her home and holiday home.
While reading one of her books make a list with the children finding all of the things found in nature. After reading the book go over the list with the children of all the animals, foliage, vegetables, etc. Then go on a nature hunt outside and see just how many things you can find. If you live in the city or it is to cold, go through magazines and rip out pictures of as many objects from the list as possible.

Plant A Peter Rabbit Garden
Read through "Peter Rabbit" with your children and write a list of all of the vegetables that are found in the book. Do a study on how pants grow, and plant some seeds in very early spring.
The Peter Rabbit Garden   Arlington School Planted A Peter Rabbit Garden with Directions  

More Garden Ideas

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The Gutenberg Library lists all of Beatrix Potter's magical books in a free downloading and printable format.

Pinterest Page -Get inspired! Share your Beatrix Potter's book activities and fun ideas.

Homeschool Beatrix Potter Unit a 92 page book filled with valuable activities, vocabulary and notebook pages. This book is grade 3 level however definitely read through and take what would be appropriate for your child or class.

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