Alphabet Crafts Letter A
Letter A Crafts  

Decoupaged Alphabet Treasure Box
1)Print out a few decoupage alphabet paper sheets.
2)Using foam brush spread white glue over one side at a time.
   Then place alphabet paper over the glue and rub. Repeat
   until the whole box is covered.
3)Using foam brush cover the entire box & lid with white glue & let
   dry. This provides a sealer to make the box more durable.

1- Shoe Box
2-3 Alphabet Decoupage Papers
Foam Paint Brush
White Glue

Apple Print
1-Cut apple in half. (Use the other half for an 'A' Apple Snack)
2-Paint apple with red craft paint and press onto paper.
3-Let child put their finger into black craft paint and make three dots to form
   ants body. Let dry.
4-Using black crayon draw ants antennas and feet, and apple seeds.
5-Help child write ant and apple.

-Red & black craft paint.
-Foam brush


Antsy Egg Carton
1-Mom or Dad cut out 4 egg carton pieces.
2-Paint egg carton with black paint and let dry.

3-Staple one egg carton piece together with the next to create head.
4-Cut 3 pipe cleaners in half put beads on the end and bend up to keep in place.
5-Glue Antenna and legs on.
6-Glue on goggly eyes and small piece of pipe cleaner for smile.
Egg carton
-Pipe cleaner
-Goggly eyes
-Black craft paint
-Foam brush
Snapping Alligator Clothespin
1-Have child paint the clothespin green with watercolors and let dry.
2-Print out “Alligator Head Pattern”.
3-Color Alligator Head & cut out.
4-Glue magnet onto bottom of clothespin.
5-Glue head onto front of clothespin.
6-Put on refrigerator and fill it with worksheets ;-)
-White School Glue
-Medium Size Paint Brush
-Alligator Head Pattern (Free Printable)
-Non-toxic Watercolor Paints
-Magnet strip 2”

"A" Paper Airplane
1-Have your child take their time and write both capital 'A' and lower case 'a' all over the paper.
2-Help child to fold paper in half down the longest side.
3-Fold front flaps down to form a triangle.
4-Fold again down the longest sides to form the wings.
5-Now have some fun and see just how fair that airplane will

-Copy Paper
Alligator Puppet
1-Print out alligator puppet.
2-Color alliagtor
3-Cut out alligator
4-Glue pieces onto paper bag.




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