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Blue Sky by Audrey Wood
n Audrey Wood's bright, new concept book, a child and his family experience the fun of a sunny-sky day at the beach, then the electricity of a thunder-storm sky, and finally the magical delight of a rainbow sky. After the night sky fills up with stars, readers will be soothed by the pleasure of wishing on a star.

Using only two words per page-"Blue Sky" "Cloud Sky" "Storm Sky"-Wood's enthusiastic playfulness will encourage young readers to make up their own simple descriptions of the sky above.

Cloud Sky Coloring Page         Dream Sky Coloring Page

Alphabet Adventures by Audrey Wood

All the little letters in Charley's alphabet have learned their proper order, from a-z. They're ready to go to school, but suddenly something is wrong! Little i has lost her dot and none of the letters can find it. Can you?

Children, parents, and teachers will have a great time finding and identifying the "little" letters on every page-and when the little letters meet up with a party of "big" letters, the entire alphabet, large and small can be found in one exuberant scene. From games of hide-and-seek to a wealth of teaching tools, you're off on an alphabet adventure-a new way of learning your a-b-c's.

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Piggy Pie Po by Audrey & Don Wood
Who is Piggy Pie Po? Just the smartest (maybe), messiest (probably), silliest (definitely) piggy you'll ever meet. In these three small and playful stories, he's sure to become every child's most unforgettable new friend.

Party Pants Full Color Print Out   Whats For Lunch? Drawing Page   Draw A Costume for Piggy Po

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